Real Men

This week’s Dustinland comic turned out way more depressing than I intended it but oh well! Definitely don’t have time to take another shot at it. In fact, I’ve been so busy, I had to draw all the characters as shapeless blob things to save time. THE SECRETS OF A WEB CARTOONIST—EXPOSED!

The strip was inspired by two things. 1 – an article in Esquire that I read a while back. It hit on some of the same topics. Not the fatherhood part but the part about grown men just not really having friends in the same way that women do, and the way society seems to accept that and even possibly encourage it. 2 – a conversation I had with another dad in the office the other day. Turns out we have very similar experiences during the weekends when we’re off with our families, doing mom-organized excursions. It’s just so weird. All the dads get along really well, we just never hang out outside of these outings. Maybe we’re just too busy. Maybe it’s weird, like I say in the comic—against man code. Who knows. I just know we all like to drink beer, so at least that part of the cliché is real.

4 responses to “Real Men

  1. I relate to this in many many ways. Thanks for making me feel like there are others out there thinking the same thing!

    • Glad to hear it! You know, I got a lot of feedback on this comic on some people seem to think I am proclaiming to merely be a victim of this, and not a part of the problem. Which I am. I realize it can be hard for other guys to be friends with me — my schedule is ridiculous, I don’t try hard enough, I never put myself out there. It’s tough. Life just isn’t as carefree as you get older. But like you said, nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  2. All you had to do was draw the men shaped like keys, to go with the keyhole-shaped women, and you would have had a theme.

    An extremely juvenile and unfunny theme, but a theme.

    (This is why I’ll never get a job writing for comics.)

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