In-home Drive-by

As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, my nearly three-year-old child openly mocks me on a daily basis. Maybe he’s still too young. Maybe it’s me. But certainly there is no part of my life that involves being a respected father figure. Loved? Yes. Exciting play companion? Correct. Funny wacky guy? Certainly. Kingly lord not to be trifled with? Never.

2 responses to “In-home Drive-by

  1. Hey, at least it’s taunting by someone who loves you.

    A few months ago, I was jogging past the house of some twin boys, about eight years old, when one of them ran up to me and jeered, “How you doin’, old man?”

    I didn’t snap “I’m only 58, you little shit.” Instead, I did something worse: I challenged him to a footrace and didn’t let him win.

    Yes, I’m a horrible person. Why do you ask?

    • That reminds me of the scene in Billy Madison where Adam Sandler plays dodgeball with a bunch of grade schoolers and crushes them. Not that I love that movie but still, that was a pretty solid scene.

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