This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by another monumental parenting moment that I realize may seem quite trivial to most people—non-parents in particular. Hence the super hero treatment. I thought that might spice things up a bit.

While all you parents are probably getting a double kick out of this comic, I think my favorite part about it is how uncomfortable panels 4 and 5 will make people. There’s just something wrong about Batman changing a grown Superman. And that reminds me, how come Spider-Man is two words with a hyphen? It really annoys me.


2 responses to “Pooperman

  1. I’ve always been very, very grateful that I’ve never had to potty-train anyone, or even live in the same house with someone who was being potty-trained, and never will.

    To me, the name is the least annoying thing about Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Everything about him is annoying.To pick just a random example: Since you’re young and have superhuman strength, why don’t you just become a millionaire superstar athlete instead of working for peanuts on a per-assignment basis for a psycho with a Hitler mustache who is out to destroy you?

    • Potty training is actually not as bad as you’d think. The worst part is not the poop. That’s the best part. The worst part is trying to convince a toddler to do anything that is not playing. That’s hard. Even with bribery.

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