Nice Fade

Man I swear I already titled a comic Nice Fade and it was about something completely different. This comic is about music—when songs fade out at the end. That other comic was about when you fade out a friend.

Now, of course I could go back and look if I used that title already, but I’m too lazy or busy or fathery. And to tell you the truth, I don’t even know if I did a comic about that friend fade subject. But if I didn’t, I should.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some musicians out there reading this who are thinking, “Yeah, please, this cartoon loser who’s never written a song in his life is telling me I suck for fading out a song.” And to that I say, “Bro, relax. It’s just a funny comic.”

4 responses to “Nice Fade

  1. “Crocodile Rock” on Elton John’s classic “Don’t Shoot me, I’m Only the Piano Player” fades out while staying in a minor key. To answer (after a fashion) your question in Panel 5, when I heard him perform it live, he shifted to a major key for the final five notes. I guess that was the only way to end it that made sense, but it still was a bit jarring.

  2. so crazy, i was thinking about just the other day. I too dislike the fade, R Kelly does that all the time. How do you sing about feelin on your booty and fade out? I for one would like to a resolution!

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