Monthly Archives: February 2015


This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by another monumental parenting moment that I realize may seem quite trivial to most people—non-parents in particular. Hence the super hero treatment. I thought that might spice things up a bit.

While all you parents are probably getting a double kick out of this comic, I think my favorite part about it is how uncomfortable panels 4 and 5 will make people. There’s just something wrong about Batman changing a grown Superman. And that reminds me, how come Spider-Man is two words with a hyphen? It really annoys me.


Nice Fade

Man I swear I already titled a comic Nice Fade and it was about something completely different. This comic is about music—when songs fade out at the end. That other comic was about when you fade out a friend.

Now, of course I could go back and look if I used that title already, but I’m too lazy or busy or fathery. And to tell you the truth, I don’t even know if I did a comic about that friend fade subject. But if I didn’t, I should.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some musicians out there reading this who are thinking, “Yeah, please, this cartoon loser who’s never written a song in his life is telling me I suck for fading out a song.” And to that I say, “Bro, relax. It’s just a funny comic.”

Arm Hair General

As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, I’ve recently sprouted two strange arm hairs. They are all tough and black and bristly and I don’t enjoy them. I can’t imagine what they are or what purpose they could serve. In fact, I don’t think arm hair in general can serve much of a purpose at this point. I imagine they’re some sort of leftover from an earlier point in our evolution from ape thing to man. Because they certainly aren’t keeping me any warmer when it’s 18 degrees out in New York in February.

I tried to Google my way to an explanation but couldn’t find anything. I guess it’s like that Louis CK bit where he asked the doctor why his leg hurt and the doctor said “You’re old and your leg is just shitty.” You get older, weird stuff happens. Welcome black arm hairs. Let’s hope you stay as a couple and don’t invite any friends over for a party.

Pay It Forward

As I show in this week’s Dustinland comic, kids sure have a great way of cutting you down. It’s usually comedic, but still, it can hurt. In this case, it was just a funny zinger. But if you search the Internets or simply talk to any parent, you’ll hear stories of brutal honesty that can really cut to the bone. The best I heard was this dad who posted on Reddit how his kid said something like “I think you’re not the number one dad, because you’re a good dad but there are probably better.” And that was on his birthday!