I Forget

Yeah, as I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, it really is amazing that you can walk into a room and in the time it took to get there from simply another room in your house, you can forget why you went into that room. At least it happens to me sometimes. And hey, it’s not like I live in Downton Abbey. I’m not walking from one wing to another. I could roll from one end of my apartment to the other in an office chair. Actually I have done that.

What was I saying?

Oh and by the way, I forgot to thank everyone for all your support last year. Special thanks to Bitter Scribe, the top commenter of 2014! Thankfully your bitterness did not extend to comics, or at least to mine.

One response to “I Forget

  1. You think that’s bad?

    Once I went to cut up a pineapple. I got out the plate and the knife. Then I turned around for the pineapple. It was gone.

    Vanished. Kaput. Not in the fridge, and anyway, I definitely remembered taking it out.

    How does an entire, whole, fucking pineapple just disappear from a kitchen counter?

    I just stood there baffled for almost a full minute. Then it occurred to me to look in the cupboard

    There it was. For God knows what reason, I’d put it in there when I took out the plate.

    I’m getting OOOOLD.

    (And thanks for the shoutout. As long as you keep drawing these great comics, I’ll keep commenting.)

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