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11 Literature Classics Retitled As Linkbait

I’ve hated the Buzzfeeding of the Internet since before there was a Buzzfeed. I remember working for in the early days when they had first relaunched, and every time I did something for them, they came back to me and said it had to be expanded into the form of a list. This was many years ago. And I argued with them. And guess what—they were right. Lists work. People love them. LOVE them. In this A.D.D. world of infinite content, people want little tidbits of entertainment, fast and simple. And that’s what they get from Buzzfeed, Cracked, Huffpo, etc… Not to say there aren’t some well-thought out pieces of truly entertaining content on these sites. It’s just… well, it depresses me that this sort of psychological trickery is so effective. It makes it seems like humans are robots—easily hacked.

Oh but anyway, this week’s Dustinland comic is inspired by all of that. I could do it forever, honestly. It was hard to stop at 11. Maybe I’ll do a sequel if this one blows up and I get a zillion hits. Whatevs. Internets. I mean, because Internets.

Butt Why?

Oh man, my kid said “butt” so many times today. As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, he’s reached that phase. So far he’s only one word in, and at least it’s just butt. But considering he’s not even two yet, I fear he may be on the early track to some serious four-letter words. Well, hey, there are worse things in life—and I think we all have that phase around 12 years old where cursing is cool and when no adults around we do it just to do it. Not sure where I’m going with this but…butt.

Draw The Line

This week’s Dustinland comic covers my thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo killings. The comic is pretty much an illustrated op-ed piece, and I think I covered all my thoughts in there, so I’ll leave it at that. It’s a sad, scary world we live in, and I don’t see it getting any better, at least in terms of this issue.

I Forget

Yeah, as I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, it really is amazing that you can walk into a room and in the time it took to get there from simply another room in your house, you can forget why you went into that room. At least it happens to me sometimes. And hey, it’s not like I live in Downton Abbey. I’m not walking from one wing to another. I could roll from one end of my apartment to the other in an office chair. Actually I have done that.

What was I saying?

Oh and by the way, I forgot to thank everyone for all your support last year. Special thanks to Bitter Scribe, the top commenter of 2014! Thankfully your bitterness did not extend to comics, or at least to mine.