Potty Mouth

This week’s Dustinland comic was based on very true events. Just last week I was having lunch at a bar/restaurant in NYC (Walker’s — great burgers), talking about potty training and other lame dad stuff, when this waitress overheard part of our conversation out of context and totally called us out—she even dropped an F bomb on us. She was a little more fun-loving and sarcastic than the waitress in the strip, but she really did make that exact comment. And the best part is that once we told her the truth, later she came back and made fun of us for that! I asked for the check and she asked me if it was nap time. Man, first I get it for being an asshole, then I get it for being a pussy.

At least the burger was good.

P.S. Really though, she was a good waitress. I like a little sass. It fits the old school character of an old school bar.

2 responses to “Potty Mouth

  1. Can’t Stop laughin’! Really good one for ol’ Nanas like me! RG

  2. Did you leave her a tip?

    The “sarcastic server” shtick doesn’t quite work for me. Maybe it’s because, when I was a little boy, my mother took me to a German restaurant that was famous for its nasty waiters.

    I saw one of the waiters try to give back a tip that he deemed insufficient with the remark, “Here. You must need this more than I do.”

    The guy retorted: “My father should have shot you in Germany when he had the chance!”

    The waiter came around the table at the guy. They got into a shoving match that the manager had to break up.

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