Unstoppable Squishing

I had a tough time coming up with an ending for this week’s Dustinland comic about how kids are fun to hug, yet they are powerless to stop us from hugging them, which is probably annoying for them. I had the first five panels down, then drew a trippy weird sixth where adults were like Godzilla in some sort of pseudo hug monster movie poster. That looked cool but wasn’t really working so I did another panel that was basically a cop out saying I couldn’t think of anything else. That approach works sometimes but it just didn’t feel right in this situation—it’s better for those Tim & Eric random humor moments. This one came to me on the subway ride home tonight, and I’m pretty happy with it. Loving the hashtag too, even though I know it’s been done, just like anything you can every come up with ever.

But yeah, it’s fun to hug your kids. It’s sad that some kids don’t get hugged. I’ll save that subject for another more serious comic. Sorry to bring the party down like that. Go hug someone if you need to feel better now.

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