Daily Archives: October 13, 2014

The Best Comic You Ever Wrote

Man, this week’s Dustinland comic! I really wonder if people are going to submit their own strips. Will you? (That would be awesome.) That wasn’t the original goal of this strip, but I like where it’s gone. It sort of evolved. Basically I realized I would rather:

1 – Put out a strip without ANY words, rather than put out a strip I don’t like

2 – Put out ANY strip rather than no strip

So logically, I really didn’t have a choice. At first I was just hoping it would be some sort of avant garde statement or puzzle for people to solve. But quickly I realized it could be much more than that. Even if someone just uses this framework to brutally mock me, I would really enjoy that. Hell, in college I used to get attacked all the time. I would say fan mail was something like 70-30 maybe? But man, the haters definitely had more time! WOW people be hatin. I remember when I was working for Cracked.com when they first sort of relaunched online, and after this one article I wrote about bad rapper names or something like that, some random dude had a blog post titled “Fuck You Dustin Glick of Cracked.com.” I know this because I Google my own name—I have for years—and so do you.

Maybe I should run some hate mail next week. That would be fun. But perhaps too self-referential. I’m leaning toward the latter. You know, if I had time for more than one strip I week I would TOTALLY do that. That’s the kind of things you’re missing out on, folks.