Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

The Bad Times

I love my kid. I love being a dad. I really do love everything about it. Well, almost everything. Everything aside from the moments like the ones in this week’s Dustinland comic. And even with these instances of parental torture, it’s still all worth it. So why focus on the bad so often, you’re wondering. Well, simply put, it’s waaaaay funnier. A joke has to be at someone’s expense, after all. And in most of my parenting comics, the joke is on me—just like in real life.

Really though, in this comic I tried to capture and convey those moments of parental misery we all know. Even those of us without kids of our own. These public moments where everyone can feel that parent’s pain. Because it’s clear, really, there’s not much you can do besides give the kid a cookie and hope for the best.