Dada Phase

This week’s Dustinland comic pretty much says it all. My kid is in a major dada phase right now. But overall I think it’s okay in terms of things evening out. For one, when you’re the favorite, you also have to put in more “work” because you’re always being requested to do things. “NO – DADA take me out of the car, not mama.” Little things like that. And they’re not always fun. Also, while I may get more fun time with the little guy, I just plain see him less, and I think my wife really wins out there. She gets to spend more time with him, and while that may be hard when he’s grumpy, there’s nothing worse then being at work and realizing you’re not going to make it home to see him for the second night in a row. Thankfully I don’t always work those kinds of hours but still, usually I see my son for about an hour in the morning and an hour at night, and that’s about it. 

So yeah, dada phase. I don’t feel too guilty about it. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. 


3 responses to “Dada Phase

  1. Still using the RSS feed.

    Apropos: my autocorrect tried to replace RSS with DAD. So see: even my mobile device is going through a Dada phase. 🙂

  2. +1 for RSS feed.

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