Cox in Sox AKA Hacky Sackie

Man, it sure is amazing what you learn when you have kids—like I convey in this week’s Dustinland comic about coxsackie. Nice bonus about me catching it: I caught it while on vacation. My kid came down with it the day before vacation, but he had it last year, and I guess each time you get it, the less it affects you, so more or less, he was fine. Then my wife caught it from him, which is rare, but I guess not rare enough! So she had sore hands and feet and throat and some fun little blister things. And then I caught it from her. WOOO VACATION WITH KIDS!!!! Man, good times. I’m actually planning on doing a comic about the vacation but it might be too depressing. That sentence it too depressing in itself.



2 responses to “Cox in Sox AKA Hacky Sackie

  1. It could be worse. You could live in this place.

    (Assuming one of the two houses and a farm that make it up are for sale)

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