I wish I could have expressed more about how awesome firemen have been to my kid in this week’s Dustinland comic, but that would have been boring and sappy. But for realz – on three different occasions, firemen have let my lil guy go inside firehouses, sit in trucks, try on helmets, etc…  And not during some sort of event. I’m talking about us going on neighborhood walks and just happening by firehouses, and them noticing and letting us inside. Hell, we were even just on vacation in Rhode Island, walking around Newport, peering in the window of a firehouse, when suddenly the big garage door opened up and a fireman welcomed us inside. These dudes are super nice. It’s pretty awesome. 

I mean, I guess I would be nice too if little kids everywhere worshipped me and wanted to be me and waved and cheered whenever I walked or drove by. It’s a pretty cool job perk. I guess cops get it too. And garbagemen*. Who knew about that last one? They definitely don’t have sexy calendars either. Garbagemen and cartoonists – we have a lot in common, I think. I’ll save that for another comic though.

* I mean sanitation workers.  


2 responses to “Firemens

  1. Bitter Scribe

    When my sister lived on the Upper East Side of New York, she used to drop in on the local firehouse. She says the guys there were super nice and even invited her to dinner.

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