Draw The Line

Ironically I am writing this post as my kid freaks out. He is hysterical right now because he doesn’t want to take a nap. I actually don’t care if he naps or not, but if he doesn’t nap, he will be insane later, so it’s better for everyone if he sleeps a little bit now.

But anyway, as per this week’s Dustinland comic, kids are crazy and illogical and drive you nuts. Good times. My kid loves drawing right now but he’s too young to be able to draw anything, so usually he just scribbles and says he drew a donkey or something like that. I try not to outdraw him too much because I don’t want to make him feel bad. So far it’s been pretty successful. Usually I just ask him what I should draw. I am always amazed by the randomness of his requests. “Draw a tractor.” “Draw a strawberry.” Never any connection to what we are or were doing. It’s pretty great.

He’s crying right now so I can’t really focus, so yeah, I guess I’ll stop writing this post right now.


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