While this week’s Dustinland comic clearly tries to poke some holes in the whole “don’t have kids because of overpopulation” theory, of course on some level I do understand and appreciate people who think that way. Of course, we’re really talking about people living on first world level resources who are taxing the Earth, but yes, more people = harder to sustain. That being said, I still agree with what I said in my strip. Especially when it comes to having 1 or 2 kids. It seems pretty solid logic to me: 2 people have 1 or 2 kids. That’s just reproducing, literally. You’re just replacing yourself, not adding more. Unless you live forever, which actually may be possible in the relative future, so in that case, my math no longer works.

And there’s also my other point. Crazyass morons across the planet are churning out babies left and right (I’m not saying ONLY sucky people have lots of kids, but rather that sucky people tend to have significantly more kids on average than cool peeps). Someone has to run things in the future. Might as well be someone I raised, rather than some wacko in training who thinks the Earth is 5,000 years old. Man, I’m being hard on religious types in this rant but whatever. Tough titties. Go read a book that wasn’t written on papyrus. You might learn something.

5 responses to “NOverpopulation

  1. Also, if you’re an old fart who will need Social Security to avoid eating dogfood in his rapidly approaching old age (ahem), kids will be needed to pay into it. Especially kids of relatively smart, together parents, who will be the best candidates to become productive citizens.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and having more rugrats that will eventually drawn on Social Security themselves will create a parabolic demand for money. You, or, ahem, the “old farts” as you say, may get social security (in the form of greatly inflated/devalued dollars), in the near term but popping out more takers will not save the social security system.

  2. Whoa, totally disagree. First, kids don’t turn out just like their parents. Look at the Baby Boomers versus their parents’ generation, they are diametric opposites. Pitting cultures against another is your excuse why overpopulating (and the ensuing deforestation, desertifiying, acidifying the oceans, depleting the soil, genetically modifying, dumping plastics and pharmaceuticals into the environment and creating long-lasting deformations to a natural and balanced environment, extinction of every other species at an increasing rate, loss of places on earth that are free from human-created sounds – aka silence, garbage patches in the oceans the size of continents, just to name a few that immediately come to mind…) the planet is best? Us vs. Them. “My dad is cooler than your dad” is a really lame argument.

    And it’s not just “replacement” of two people – if your two kids each have two kids, there is exponential growth – three generations out, there are eight people from the original two. Multiplication like a virus, not simple addition and subtraction.

    I read this whole comic as a way for you to justify your destruction and to overcome your guilt. I’ll take a forest over a parking lot for a new “Buy Buy Baby” any day. And, one day just look at everyone in a packed subway car. I have a hard time justifying destruction of the environment and all animals because of them.

  3. And, at least people in those “evil” (aka Muslim or not Jewish) countries with high birth rates aren’t into the same factory farming and outsouring, global economy culture we have here in the United States.

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