You Are What You Drink

You know I think I had some sort of theory forming with this latest Dustinland strip but I’m not sure what it is. You are what you drink? Maybe.

I guess I’m kind of using drinks to examine the idea of what is real and what is phony or pretentious. And it’s interesting that it goes both ways. Clearly there is something obnoxious about everything pricy and organic – sort of like that South Park episode where everyone was driving around the new Pious car and creating clouds of “smug.” On the other hand, there’s something equally as annoying, if not more so with people who buy cheap stuff because it’s hip or ironic. It’s one thing when you can only afford Natty Ice. It’s another when you’re pulling in six figures and you still being crap beer to party because you think it’s cool.

Well, like in my comic that ends with a pig eating it’s own ass, I don’t have the answers. Only the questions. That and a hunger for the truth. Or should I say… A thirst.

5 responses to “You Are What You Drink

  1. Is buying cheap stuff to be ironic really a thing now? That’s something I’ve yet to see for myself. The school of ‘it all tastes the same, so why not buy the cheapest brand?’ is all too familiar when it comes to beer and coffee though.

    • I think the people who drink cheap beer because they think it’s some sort of cool statement are doing it on some subconscious level, where if you asked them, they’d say, “No way, I just think it tastes better!”

  2. I’m a little confused as to why long-haired Dustin would prefer tap water to bottled, when he seems to be the one with the expensive tastes in the other panels. Oh well.

    That pig eating its own ass has to be the grossest example of suicide food I’ve ever seen.

    • Well, here’s the thing – ironically, these days tap water is in many cases the snootier choice, at least in terms of liberal earthy types.

      I like the suicide food thing, btw. Reminds me of an old SNL sketch – a commercial for some fake chicken fast food franchise starring a cartoon chicken who was all excited about being cut into pieces, eaten, digested and then pooped out.

      • Bitter Scribe

        “And then I’m deep-fried at three hundred fifty degrees! Zowie! Good thing I’m dead!”

        Yes, that was a classic.

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