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While this week’s Dustinland comic clearly tries to poke some holes in the whole “don’t have kids because of overpopulation” theory, of course on some level I do understand and appreciate people who think that way. Of course, we’re really talking about people living on first world level resources who are taxing the Earth, but yes, more people = harder to sustain. That being said, I still agree with what I said in my strip. Especially when it comes to having 1 or 2 kids. It seems pretty solid logic to me: 2 people have 1 or 2 kids. That’s just reproducing, literally. You’re just replacing yourself, not adding more. Unless you live forever, which actually may be possible in the relative future, so in that case, my math no longer works.

And there’s also my other point. Crazyass morons across the planet are churning out babies left and right (I’m not saying ONLY sucky people have lots of kids, but rather that sucky people tend to have significantly more kids on average than cool peeps). Someone has to run things in the future. Might as well be someone I raised, rather than some wacko in training who thinks the Earth is 5,000 years old. Man, I’m being hard on religious types in this rant but whatever. Tough titties. Go read a book that wasn’t written on papyrus. You might learn something.


You know I think I had some sort of theory forming with this latest Dustinland strip but I’m not sure what it is. You are what you drink? Maybe. I guess I’m kind of using drinks to examine the idea of … Continue reading

Spring is for Best Buds

Yup, as I said in this week’s Dustinland comic, I’m a man, and I like to garden. I feel like I should be in a support group. Mostly because it’s all ornamental stuff. I think it’s cool to grow vegetables when you’re a dude, but as soon as you start talking about hydrangeas, people look at you like you’re a weirdo.

I think most people just don’t get it. If you’ve never gardened before, veggies make sense. That’s stuff you eat. Cool. You grow it, eat it, back to nature, straight from da earf. That makes sense to people. But growing flowers because they’re pretty? Isn’t that what sitcom moms do?

I think a good way to explain the satisfaction of growing things that you can’t eat is bonsai. Picture Mr. Miyagi, patiently snipping away at his beautiful bonsai plants. You can imagine the pleasure he feels, slowly taking care of this beautiful thing that grows bit by bit, requiring little yet so easy to kill. That is the essence of  gardening. There is a joy in growing things. Planning it. Starting things small. Watching as it grows. Making it work. Fixing things that don’t work. Even bitching about it when bugs get the best of you or some supposedly amazing plant turns out to be little more than a pile of brown twigs. Honestly, what inspired this comic was simply the act of me going out into my yard and bagging up all the dead leaves that had covered the yard (acting as a little blanket for some of the more sensitive perennials) over the winter. Just clearing the yard up, uncovering the few green little buds coming up, that alone gave me a sense of satisfaction and calm. Even in Queens. Especially in Queens.

The NYC E Cig Ban

This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by my buddy Russ. He’s an authority in vaping aka e-cigarettes. Basically the dude smoked for years and years and never was able to quit. Then e-cigs came along and boom, he’s done smoking. Sure, he still vapes all the time, but he feels great. Anyway, I recently heard that he’s supporting a lawsuit against the city claiming their soon to be enacted e cig ban is actually illegal, so I called him and asked what the deal was.

You can find out more about that from Russ’ podcast Click Bang! Me personally, I don’t smoke cigarettes. Never have. And I was so happy when they banned smoking from bars. But this… this just seems stupid. Here’s something that people are using to kick the habit, and we’re going to make it more difficult for them? Why? Well, that’s what the strip is about, so no need to get into it again here. But yeah. NYC. Come on. Bloomberg is out. Enough with the nanny state thing.