Real Time Social Media Super Bowl Ads

You know, I really did post these fake ad comic things online during the Super Bowl. On Twitter and Facebook. At least, I started to. But then I realized no one cares. Maybe because they were too busy watching the game, and the real ads. Maybe because their Twitter feeds were overflowing with an unfathomable amount of tweets, impossible to keep up with—or to stick out from. Maybe no one got the joke. Who knows.

But I still stand by the true point of my commentary, which is this: Everyone wants to get in on the Super Bowl, and doing it through social media channels seems like the cheap way to do it. But if an ad is a cheap fit that does nothing but stick a corporate brand where it doesn’t belong, no one is going to care. Even on the biggest ad day of the year.

P.S. My favorites are Armaluce, Golden Tate and Demaryius.

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