More Choo-Choo

This week’s Dustinland comic tackles a subject that any parent (or human really) knows well: That little kids can throw big fits over tiny issues. One seconds they’re cute and cuddly little pandas of love, the next second they’re razing entire nations with their army of demon soldiers. And usually over nothing. There’s a hilarious site called Reasons My Son Is Crying that focuses on this phenomenon -more on the sadness than the anger, although the two are often tied together. 

This little choo-choo instance also touches on kids’ bizarre attention spans. When you want them to focus on something, they’re running around the house eating dirt and hiding raisins under the couch pillows. But when there’s some little two-minute mundane video they want to watch, they can do it again and again and again and again and again. It’s really amazing. And it’s not just with TV. You take them to the playground, and sure, they’ll play on the swings and the slide and all that. Until they find that fascinating used Slurpee straw, oh wow, amazing, let’s look at it and touch it and rub it in the dirt until the son goes down.

But yeah, my kid is awesome and he would never eat the sun. Really. 

2 responses to “More Choo-Choo

  1. I’ve also heard that really little kids like to watch or listen to the same things over and over and over–the same bedtime stories, videos, songs, whatever.

    In a funny way, I can relate. I’m kind of that way with music–when I find, say, a symphony I like, I end up listening to it several times a week for months until I get sick of it. Then it’s on to the next one. I guess that’s just one more sign of my immaturity.

    • I like that you’re comparing listening to symphonies with watching three-minute choo-choo videos. I can only hope my son eventually graduates to the Beethoven level, although you’re right — too much of anything does get pretty dull.

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