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7.5 Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I got so wasted Friday night, I took me the entire weekend to even sort of recover, and this comic is what you’re left with. I do like the idea behind it though. This whole life hack thing, it’s definitely useful at times, but like every other Internet trend, it starts to get real tired when it’s overdone. Oh great, I can open a jar with a cold chicken breast. Awesome. But the comic itself… well, let’s just say the hangover definitely hurt. And see how the words are all squiggly? I wrote the strip on the train. Yeah, a 3-hour train ride is probably not the best thing for you when you’re tried, hungover and trying to be creative, but what can you do. Man, last week it was pain killers, this week booze. Maybe next week it’ll be meth. Although in that case I would churn out not one crappy comic, but 50. 

Oh and one more thing. Why 7.5? Not because I wanted to cut off that last filthy panel—although I really did. It’s because a buddy of mine told me that all these stupid Buzzfeed type web lists are supposedly more successful when they use odd numbers. So I figured, hell, how about an odd number and a half! That should be a guaranteed viral hit!

Yours Truly, the Dustfington Post.


This week’s strip is what you get when you mix pain killers with and comics. Really, I did have this huge list of ideas of comic ideas, but in my drug-induced malaise, I could not bring myself to tackle any of them. All these things that once seemed so promising, in my dulled state, it was all just so… blah.

I hear that some of the more powerful prescription meds are really addicting. I guess I can see that. Whatever I took was definitely not. It was really like taking Ambien Lite. Or Benadryl. Basically I was just extra tired. WOOOOO PARTY. I guess it did make my back hurt less, so mission accomplished.

Stay tuned next week for more comics on drugs!

I kid.

More Choo-Choo

This week’s Dustinland comic tackles a subject that any parent (or human really) knows well: That little kids can throw big fits over tiny issues. One seconds they’re cute and cuddly little pandas of love, the next second they’re razing entire nations with their army of demon soldiers. And usually over nothing. There’s a hilarious site called Reasons My Son Is Crying that focuses on this phenomenon -more on the sadness than the anger, although the two are often tied together. 

This little choo-choo instance also touches on kids’ bizarre attention spans. When you want them to focus on something, they’re running around the house eating dirt and hiding raisins under the couch pillows. But when there’s some little two-minute mundane video they want to watch, they can do it again and again and again and again and again. It’s really amazing. And it’s not just with TV. You take them to the playground, and sure, they’ll play on the swings and the slide and all that. Until they find that fascinating used Slurpee straw, oh wow, amazing, let’s look at it and touch it and rub it in the dirt until the son goes down.

But yeah, my kid is awesome and he would never eat the sun. Really. 

Dustin Dreams of Japan

I recently read the book Shogun, which is a pretty famous historical drama that takes place in Japan during the end of the samurai era. This was really the tipping point when it came to the inspiration for my latest comic, although I’ve sort of always fantasized about Japan. In terms of my love for the whole Buddhist, meditative, perfectionist thing, I don’t know what I can add here that isn’t already stated in the comic, although I think it is ironic that in my own life, I am so busy and thinly spread, I’m pretty much the opposite. Jack of all trades, master of none. Rarely ever enough time to actually enjoy what I’m doing… to put in the effort to make it perfect, not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to.

But like I said, I have no idea what Japan is really like. And if some of this is in part true, I’m sure this kind of mentality can also lead to plenty of negatives, namely, reluctance to change and unwillingness to rock the boat. And hey, I work in advertising, and I hear the industry is so stressful in Japan, it’s a leading cause of suicide. So there’s that. But there’s also super happy turbo fun, sake, giant monsters, raw octopus, and tentacle porn (not that I like it but only in Japan could something like this not only exist, but be so prominent as to have its own genre).

Come on, Japan is awesome. I know it is. It has to be. When are we going?