The Top Comic I Drew About The Top Things That Happened in 2013

This final Dustinland comic of 2013 is my usual year end summary. I don’t always do it, but most of the time (2012   2011   2010   2000-2009   2005   2003   2002). I don’t know if anyone likes these, but I enjoy doing them, because it helps me get a good glimpse of the year in one shot, and it’s also nice to look back on further down the road.

Each year I try to give the strip a different spin. In 2010 it was a social media thing. This year I sort of did a little riff on lists. You know, December is list time. Top Albums of the Year! Top Songs! Top Videos! Top Movies! Top Memes! People Who Died! Etc… So everything in my comic is a “top” list. Even if there’s just one thing. HAHA! Get it?! Boy that’s almost sort of funny.

See you next year!

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