Stupid Trout

This comic was inspired by a song written by my brother-in-law but sadly never recorded. The lyrics go “Stupid trout, never done nothin…” and there was definitely going to be some sort of slap bass in there. I think the song came about when we saw some fish in a lake being really lazy. In Slovenia.

Really though, come on fish, step it up. 

4 responses to “Stupid Trout

  1. Helicopter Ben.

    Depends on the species of fish. About 1 minute in, a 600 lb marlin lines up then torpedoes its bill into the face of the fisherman trying to kill it. Lined up. Ready. Aim. Fiiiiiiiiire!

    Also, freshwater fish (like the ones in the Slovenian lake) are in a totes different realm from saltwater fish. On a healthy reef, you can see a whole reef ecosystem, and each fish has its place and purpose. It’s beautiful. On of the few places where I can see the details of God’s craftsmanship.

    Remember that perception is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe the fish wasn’t lazy, but lying in wait for some sweet hipster flesh.

  2. There’s an article in a recent New Yorker about how some animals are perceived as just too cute, too smart, etc. to eat. I think there’s something to that. I’ve never tasted venison and don’t think I ever will, because of Bambi and Rudolph.

    (And yes, I know Rudolph is a reindeer. Shut up.)

    • I’m one of those people who will eat anything. It gets weird once you start talking about brains, but aside from that, I’m pretty daring. Cute… yeah, whatever. I try to avoid factory farmed animals for a zillion different reasons, but aside from that, it’s dinner time.

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