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The Top Comic I Drew About The Top Things That Happened in 2013

This final Dustinland comic of 2013 is my usual year end summary. I don’t always do it, but most of the time (2012   2011   2010   2000-2009   2005   2003   2002). I don’t know if anyone likes these, but I enjoy doing them, because it helps me get a good glimpse of the year in one shot, and it’s also nice to look back on further down the road.

Each year I try to give the strip a different spin. In 2010 it was a social media thing. This year I sort of did a little riff on lists. You know, December is list time. Top Albums of the Year! Top Songs! Top Videos! Top Movies! Top Memes! People Who Died! Etc… So everything in my comic is a “top” list. Even if there’s just one thing. HAHA! Get it?! Boy that’s almost sort of funny.

See you next year!

The 12 Days of Xmas

As evident in this week’s Dustinland comic, The 12 Days of Christmas has some really weird lyrics. I’m sure there’s some historical significance of each line… I guess… I mean, even in the Downton Abbey era I still don’t understand the idea of giving someone 11 leaping lords. First of all, why 11? Seems like overkill. Second, what does that mean? Just dudes who jump? I guess they’re lords… I mean, you must be pretty powerful if you can not only get 11 lords to jump at your behest, but then you can GIVE them to someone. And then what? I own them now? Thanks… lords… just what I needed. How is that going to work in a 2-bedroom apartment in Queens? I guess that’s my problem now.

Good times! Happy holidays everyone!

Hot And Cold

I had all these other ideas in mind for this week’s comic until the other night, I was leaving work late and saw these scantily clad chicks on their way out for the night. It was in the 20s and these chicks both had bare legs and were clearly freezing. It just seems so silly. I was wearing full winter gear and a scarf wrapped around my face — I basically looked like either a ninja or a terrorist. Meanwhile these girls were about to hit up a Slip ‘N Slide. I just don’t get it.

Guys, sure, if you told us we could get laid, we’d wear thongs in Antarctica. But we’re desperate. You’re the deciders. No need to get frostbite just for us.

Meh. Who knows.


No Sleep Til

Isn’t it the worst when you can’t sleep? Like in this comic, where I’m lying there, tossing and turning. Getting more stressed the later it gets. Or even if you fall asleep alright but just don’t sleep well through the night. There’s such a difference in your life when you actually sleep well. You’re not just more awake the next day, you’re happier.

Once in a blue moon I do drop a Benadryl, especially if I’m lying in bed struggling to sleep for an hour, but that has its own drawbacks, since while it may knock you out all night, the next day you’re all groggy. If I don’t have some serious caffeine, I’ll be in a post Benadryl haze for more than half the day.

I guess you’re just supposed to eat healthy and exercise and not be stressed out or surrounded by stupid barking dogs, and then you sleep well. That’s what they say anyway. And hell, when I’m on vacation, I sleep great! So there must be something to all that. There you go, lesson learned: Live life like you’re on vacation at all times and you’ll sleep much better.

Stupid Trout

This comic was inspired by a song written by my brother-in-law but sadly never recorded. The lyrics go “Stupid trout, never done nothin…” and there was definitely going to be some sort of slap bass in there. I think the song came about when we saw some fish in a lake being really lazy. In Slovenia.

Really though, come on fish, step it up.