The Day I Stopped Caring

Okay, this Dustinland comic about parenthood isn’t very realistic. Most dads get fat too. I left that out because I’m one of those skinny freaks. I wonder if one day I’ll get skinnyfat?

But year, I love being a dad, but it’s way funnier making fun of all the hard parts. The events pictured in this comic really did happen. We were super tired, just threw on some sweats, headed over to the grocery store, grabbed some vodka next door in a very spur of the moment “well, we’re not going to be leaving the house for the rest of the weekend so we might as well have cocktails,” and then suddenly I’m standing outside a liquor store with my wife, both of us dressed like hell, with our newborn in a stroller. And you know what — I didn’t care. That’s when I got it. As a parent, sometimes you just work too hard to give a shit what anyone thinks of you. I’m not saying I try to be that way. I like to play NYC hipster dad as often as I can. But on those rough days, you’re gonna catch me dressed like I just spent $6 at the Salvation Army.

6 responses to “The Day I Stopped Caring

  1. I totally hear ya when you say it’s funnier making fun of the hard parts! It so is, and then at least you take some time to look at the lighter side of the situation!

    Great post! 🙂

  2. you don’t have to be a parent to not care what other people think of you. I’m a woman and I make an effort to fit what men want from me. I do whatever I want, and if guys I don’t know or give two shits about give me the stink eye, I know I have won.

    • heh, don’t make an effort. Freudian slip? No, probably just the half bottle of Malbec caused the typo. I remember when a guy Thai guy at work didn’t like my shoes so he wrote an email to the head of HR to complain. LOL. Yeah, fuck people. 95% of the people on the planet right now will be dead in 80 yeas anyway.

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