Say What

So let me just make a few things clear about this week’s Dustinland comic.

Yes, it did happen, pretty much exactly like that. The coworker was not a superior. He or she does not look anything like the person I drew in the comic. We were not on a date—we went out with a group to discuss work offsite, then we were the last two left. She no longer works with me, and she probably does not know or care that I am Jewish, or remember this even happened, really.

Now, I really don’t think she was being overtly malicious or evil. She did really seem to feel awkward even saying it. So really I just laughed it off – silly young girl saying something stupid. But still, it does confirm that some stereotypes just don’t go away.

I would kind of like to really delve into this stereotype, but I don’t have the energy, because it would truly take a lot of words. I think with every racial or ethnic or cultural group of people, we all know people who epitomize every cliche about them, just like we know people who prove them all wrong. But it’s so easy and convenient when people do fit these molds, it’s hard not to go there.

I don’t know. It’s a weird world out there. And most of the time, it’s just easier to let things slide.

Oh, and definitely watch what you say around coworkers.

6 responses to “Say What

  1. Hey, at least s/he felt bad saying it, right?


  2. I worked with someone who actually ranted in a bullpen style office about Jews being welfare cheats in Brooklyn, and then he went on to say that in Europe Jews keep getting kicked out of countries because no one wants them… This was at AIG, a company started by Hank Greenberg – a big Jew.

    Oh, then at an accounting firm I worked at, one of the partners would says “Don’t save it up like you’re Jewish” to a client about loan proceeds, then say “I don’t know how to calculate that, let me ask the Jew,” referring to me, and he would sent me emails with the Shabbat candle lighting times in it, and one time with an IRS agent, he and the IRS agent got to discussing, while all 3 of us were at lunch, about how much of a Jew face I had.

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