Nothin But A G Rating

I think you don’t have to be a parent for this week’s Dustinland to hit home. I mean, even without my kid around, a lot of the hiphop that’s been coming out lately, I feel a little squeamish listening to it around my wife—and I’d imagine if I was single, it would be even worse.

Hey, I’ve always had my music that I listen to on my own. Dude music. Whether it’s black metal or Wu-Tang, basically, we’re talking angry and sometimes filthy music. The problem is that now everyone seems to be rapping this way. Instead of having your 2 Live Crew on one hand, and your De La Soul on the other, now even the chillest of hiphop seems to be chock full of “pussy” and “fuck” and a whole lot of “ninjas.” And that’s frustrating because sometimes I hear a track that’s great, and I can’t play it out loud anymore unless I’m home alone. Hell, not just a track, entire albums. I mean, what’s the deal? Either todays kids aren’t going to be able to listen to new rap until they’re teenagers, or 7 year olds are going to be running around talking about fucking hos, smoking blunts and fisting.

Again, I enjoy a lot of this stuff personally, but at this rate, my kid’s favorite MC is going to be Soterios Johnson.

6 responses to “Nothin But A G Rating

  1. Even a lot of songs on the radio are inappropriate now that my 3 year old sings along with whatever comes on.
    p.s. North is facing south. Ha.

    • Society has changed a lot in general. When you think about what was considered pushing the envelope back the The Simpsons just came out, and compare that to what they get with on Family Guy, it’s pretty amazing.

  2. Misogyny: the last acceptable form of discrimination. When I hear offensive songs about women, I replace “bitch” or “ho” with “nigger” and the level of offensiveness skyrockets.

  3. I recently did an article that included two companies that make baby Muzak, which is exactly what you think it is: arrangements of pop songs designed to lull babies to sleep. (You do it by using a lot of instruments like xylophones.)

    One of them told me they won’t use songs with dirty lyrics, even though all their arrangements are without vocals, because they don’t want Mom and Dad filling in the blanks. The other one doesn’t care: They have baby songs based on artists like Jay-Z and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    • Hmm. Interesting. I have to say, I used to play this one dude’s Radiohead lullaby album for my kid when he was just a few months old. I remember when this whole phenomenon started – early 2000s. That’s when they first started marketing to people around my age as the first of us became parents. So suddenly you get Nirvana lullabies and new He-Man cartoons. REMEMBER THIS?! YOU LIKED IT AS A KID! NOW BUY IT FOR YOURS! Hey, it worked.

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