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How to be Popular on Instagram

I’m relatively new to Instagram, so perhaps this week’s Dustinland is a bit late to a subject other people have already touched on. Or maybe it’s totally original. Either way, I actually love Instagram and I’m not trying to poop on it. It’s just fun to find trends and patterns that people seem to obsess over—or really ways people game the system. I feel like everything about the Internet / social / mobile today is about gaming the system. “Best practices.” Tricks to get more followers. Maybe I’m just too cynical but it seems like for so many people, the fun is not in the doing but in the receiving of approval. I’ve touched on this before, and I’ll probably touch on it again, maybe because I feel the pull of vindication just as much as anyone else does. Otherwise I’d be drawing comics in a sketch book instead of posting them online, right?


It was really hard thinking up a title for this week’s Dustinland comic. First I had iNSANITY, then Call Me Crazy. This is where I wound up. Not really loving it — I know there’s a NY Post worthy pun headline out there somewhere.

But anyway, people really did overreact to iOS 7. I mean, whether you like it or not, it’s just a phone. Who cares what it looks like or if its copying Android or what Steve Jobs would have done? Yes, we do invest a lot of time and money in our phones these days, but we invest even more in our cars and I don’t see people freaking out about the latest Honda like they are about this. I’ll stop now before I get all Louis CK “chair in the sky” on you, but really, it is pretty much the same thing. If you’re in the position to even debate the latest smart phone options, you’re life is fantastic. I know it doesn’t feel that way because we’re all caught up in our day to day bullshit and constantly faced with the misery and nastiness of others around us, but it helps to try and put things in perspective when you can.

Should You Have Kids?

The funny thing about this week’s Dustinland comic is that my idea was to do a comic that didn’t require any drawing, as that would save me some time. Instead this thing wound up taking longer to draw than a normal comic.

But anyway, I know what some of you might be thinking: Boy, you must really hate being a parent. I understand if you think that, but I also think you are missing the point. I love being a parent! It’s the best! BUT, you do have to make tremendous sacrifices. And that is the point of this comic.

Really this shouldn’t need to be explained, since people have been making fun of parenthood since… well I guess since men started getting involved in it, if you want to get all historical about it. But yeah, I mean, it’s a cliché. Complaining about how you have no life now because of your kids. It’s old news. You just have to find a new way to flip it to make it interesting again. See Louis CK for a good example. Not that this is the Louis CK of comics or anything. Although I do think I do a nice job of mixing the funny and the depressing, just like him. I’m just missing the incredible talent, fame, money and success part.

Say What

So let me just make a few things clear about this week’s Dustinland comic.

Yes, it did happen, pretty much exactly like that. The coworker was not a superior. He or she does not look anything like the person I drew in the comic. We were not on a date—we went out with a group to discuss work offsite, then we were the last two left. She no longer works with me, and she probably does not know or care that I am Jewish, or remember this even happened, really.

Now, I really don’t think she was being overtly malicious or evil. She did really seem to feel awkward even saying it. So really I just laughed it off – silly young girl saying something stupid. But still, it does confirm that some stereotypes just don’t go away.

I would kind of like to really delve into this stereotype, but I don’t have the energy, because it would truly take a lot of words. I think with every racial or ethnic or cultural group of people, we all know people who epitomize every cliche about them, just like we know people who prove them all wrong. But it’s so easy and convenient when people do fit these molds, it’s hard not to go there.

I don’t know. It’s a weird world out there. And most of the time, it’s just easier to let things slide.

Oh, and definitely watch what you say around coworkers.

Hipster Dustinland: Still in the news

The Theory of Hipster Relativity Dustinland comic continues to have legs, three years after its creation. Most recently, it was mentioned in a Boston Globe article detailing the hipsterification of a neighborhood. But more bizarrely, shortly before that article came out, the comic was featured in a Canadian sociology textbook. I find both of these things quite excellent, but the textbook especially. You spend your whole life hating school and wind up as part of a lesson plan. Who knew?

1069324_10151584430868214_1780979267_nIt is now official: I am an expert source when it comes to the science of hipsterology.

Nothin But A G Rating

I think you don’t have to be a parent for this week’s Dustinland to hit home. I mean, even without my kid around, a lot of the hiphop that’s been coming out lately, I feel a little squeamish listening to it around my wife—and I’d imagine if I was single, it would be even worse.

Hey, I’ve always had my music that I listen to on my own. Dude music. Whether it’s black metal or Wu-Tang, basically, we’re talking angry and sometimes filthy music. The problem is that now everyone seems to be rapping this way. Instead of having your 2 Live Crew on one hand, and your De La Soul on the other, now even the chillest of hiphop seems to be chock full of “pussy” and “fuck” and a whole lot of “ninjas.” And that’s frustrating because sometimes I hear a track that’s great, and I can’t play it out loud anymore unless I’m home alone. Hell, not just a track, entire albums. I mean, what’s the deal? Either todays kids aren’t going to be able to listen to new rap until they’re teenagers, or 7 year olds are going to be running around talking about fucking hos, smoking blunts and fisting.

Again, I enjoy a lot of this stuff personally, but at this rate, my kid’s favorite MC is going to be Soterios Johnson.