I really did enjoy the little week long vacation I talk about in this week’s Dustinland comic, but no one wants to read a comic called “I Just Had A Really Nice Vacation.” It wasn’t easy though…

We rented a little house in the Catskills. Unfortunately we rented it way back when, before our little guy was running around like a madman all day. And this place did not have any outdoor space. And it was on a cliff. That means every day we had to plan some outdoor activities or risk being driven insane by a one-year-old with cabin fever. Of course, nothing was walkable, since we were on our own little mountain side, and my kid cries prettttty much every time he gets in the car, and has to be wrestled into the cars eat. So that’s at least two drives a day full of crying, unless I sit in the back seat and sing songs or make stupid faces for 20 minutes. And then you also have to plan every day around a midday nap—sadly for him, not me. So really you have to split the day in two, divided by time at home or a lengthy car ride.

But you know, aside from that, it was fun. Hiking with the kiddo in one of those fancy hiking backpacks, drinking every night the moment he went to sleep (or maybe four hours before that), you know, good times. It’s just not… vacation. You can’t relax. Your brain can relax from thinking about work, but YOU can’t relax. Eh, I’ll still take fakation over no vacation. 100 years ago “vacation” wasn’t even invented yet so I’ll quit my whining (for this week).

4 responses to “Fakation

  1. I have 3 kids (dont ask) and i would give the same advice you would give to a couple without children. Travel, go on dates, etc..

  2. At least you have vacations, Obamacare took mine away.

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