A Modern Man

Yes, believe it or not, like I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, I just got my first smart phone. But hey, I admit it, I have been kind of stubborn about the whole thing. I didn’t get a cell phone at all until 2008. That was SUPER stubborn, but I will admit it did make for some interesting (yet repetitive) conversations. I think the jump from land line to cell was a much bigger jump than going from flip to smart though.

The main reason I waited to long to get a smart phone is the monthly expense. $100 a month just sounded insane to me for a phone. Although at this point, it’s really more of a computer that happens to make phone calls, but regardless, that’s a lot of money over time. But now there are all these smaller companies popping up charging way less, so here I am. WOOOO I can use Shazam to recognize songs on the radio! Also, my phone makes an excellent flashlight. Okay, I do admit, I love the camera.

PS Boot cut jeans. Man, I mean, I wear slim fit ones but still, I guess that look is just dead now. I bought a pair a while back and had to return them because there was a tiny snag with the zipper, and when I came back, Levi’s had removed the entire boot cut section. That was when I asked the guy behind the counter if I was a dinosaur. He laughed – but he didn’t say no. Damn it. Crazy kids.

2 responses to “A Modern Man

  1. I feel for you…I still haven’t graduated from a flip phone. And I delayed getting a cell phone in the first place even longer than you did.

    In fact, your comic from a few years ago on that subject–remember, the one where the last panel is a couple of heads literally exploding?–is still up on my wall.

    Thanks for making me realize I’m not the only dinosaur out there. (Although I have to add, being about twice your age, I have more of an excuse.)

    • I admit to being a dinosaur about phones in particular, but that’s driven by two things. First, principal. Second, cheapness. But you know, I think everyone has their one bit of technology they resist. For some people it’s social media. For me, phones.

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