Yes, I drew this comic at work. Sometimes when you work in advertising (or other businesses, I would imagine), you have to work late, and part of that time you may just be sitting around waiting. That’s when I drew this comic. Uh… my brain is drained so I don’t know what else to say. Working all the time is not fun. You know, you work to support your family but then you don’t see your family, so then it turns into a weird cliche Don Draper thing and that’s not only not fun, it’s also not original, which may even be worse. 

So yeah, money is nice and so are reasonable hours and weekends and vacations. Unfortunately most of us can’t have both. But at least we’re not stepping on landmines every day or eating dirt pies. Always gotta remind yourself of these things when you’re getting grumpy. 

One response to “Why

  1. Bitter Scribe

    Ice cream is the answer to every problem in the world.

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