C is for Cookies

Yup. I like to eat cookies (as I say in this comic). Shocking revelation, I know. Actually, from the sight of my skinny ass, you really might be shocked to know that I enjoy eating naughty snacks. I’m just one of those dudes with a crazy metabolism. I figure it will catch up to me eventually, so might as well kinda, sorta enjoy it now.

Really though, I actually eat pretty healthy. Salads, organic meats, nothing processed, not a ton of sweets or candies. Once you start reading Michael Pollan and watching Food Inc., it’s hard to go back to the days of Double Whoppers. And trust me, I used to be all about dollar menus. It’s just… once you realize what you’re putting inside you when you eat that stuff… you have to be in denial or have a death wish to keep eating that way.

But yeah, give me your cookies and I will slowly eat them over the next few weeks, probably five or so at a time, around 3:00 each day. Thanks.

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