White Whale

There’s a ton of Moby Dick inspired art online and I just happened to come across some recently, and that’s what inspired me to create this week’s comic. Which was really fun to draw, by the way.

You know, most successful webcomics stick to some sort of theme, some kind of subject matter. I don’t. And I’m sure it turns some people off, people who find the site by reading some comic I did about boobs might not enjoy coming back the next week to see a political rant, and someone who likes my comics about the environment might not be into weird mini-whale on man love strips. But the nice thing about doing comics for fun and not for money is that it’s not a job. I do it for fun, so I can do whatever I want. Whether it’s “marketable” or not, meh.¬†Basically, things are usually way more fun to do when you don’t have to worry about them paying the bills.

But back to Moby Dick. Great book! Really, it’s a bit of a slog, I know, but the good parts are incredible. It’s almost like a work on non-fiction at points, in its description of whaling. Man, next time you complain about your job, learn a little about what it was like to work on a whaling ship in the 1700s. It was probably even worse than being a whale.


One response to “White Whale

  1. I’m sorry but your alternative ending is just gross.

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