Pope Exit Interview

I had some fun with the ol pope in this week’s comic, but really, I do think it’s kind of weird he’s retiring. I mean, how can you retire from being the word of God? It really just makes it seem like any old job. I’m curious as to what you do as a retired pope. Is he going to wander around Florida, wearing a jacket in the summer, complaining about how none of his cardinals call or visit anymore? Maybe I’ll save that for another comic.

2 responses to “Pope Exit Interview

  1. I confess to a complete lack of curiosity about this. In fact, I think popes in general get way too much attention when you consider what they contribute to the world, which is very little. They reiterate, preach and fuss about doctrines that their own laity is increasingly rejecting.

    • Yeah but isn’t it weird that he’s quitting? I feel like telling him to just suck it up for a few more years. Dude is old. How much longer can it be? And you know, more and more people are skeptical of religion as it is. It doesn’t help when the pope can just decide he’s tired of poping. Just makes it seem even faker.

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