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Rolling Over 2012

Hey, check out this special comic celebrating 2012! I usually like to end off the year with these sort of look back type strips, but this year I decided to jazz it up a bit and make it more interactive. Let me know if you like it! Maybe I’ll do more of these.

This year kinda sucked a bit, but it could have been worse so here’s to a great 2013!

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The Holiday Spirit Cycle

Pretty simple comic for the 2012 holiday season. But it’s really true. As you get older, the holidays lose that magical feeling. When you’re a kid, the whole month of December glows. So much excitement and anticipation… all that time off of school, presents, maybe snow… it’s just a special time to look forward to every year. Then you grow old and it’s just….blah. Annoying holiday songs playing in every store for more than a month, grey skies, things you have to do replace things you want to do—basically, the holidays become a chore.

But then you become a parent and all of a sudden the excitement is back. It’s not the same, but it’s still there. You just see it through them… how much joy they get from the whole experience. And it’s not just about presents. That’s part of it, sure, but it’s more than that.

Anyway, happy holidays (a little bit late in terms of this post—sorry, I’ve been busy)!

Nate Silver vs. Dustin: The Odds Are Against Me

I will say two things about this week’s Dustinland. 1 – It is 100% true, Nate Silver is really in my fantasy football league, and he destroyed me. 2 – I did not draw him very well (this time around at least) but I… was too busy/lazy to get it right. Sorry guys! I guess you can say I was maybe 65% off in my rendering. Odds are next time I’ll be able to get it right.

PS I blame my losing season on Cam Newton.

Sad Men

Oops – last night I forgot to write a blog post for this week’s comic. So here it is! Yup, advertising ain’t what it used to be. Bet you never heard that one before. But I admit, as much as we like to complain, we have pretty cool jobs. We get to wear jeans to work and we get to think up “big ideas” all day, and sometimes giant companies give us millions of dollars to go make videos and apps and other creative stuff. So yeah, it’s fun. Just not on Sunday on your birthday (true story).

Build-A-Hipster: The App

Yes! Finally, a Dustinland app! Introducing Build-A-Hipster, a fun little 99-cent app available now at the App Store! It’s based off my most popular comic ever, The Theory of Hipster Relativity. This thing has actually been in the works for a long time, but as I have never made an app before, it took a lot of wrong turns before finally getting on track. But eventually I found the right developer and hopefully you like it!

That’s right Dustinland fans, I’m talking to you! Please, if you have an iPhone, buy this thing. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and I’m counting on you to enjoy it and spread the word. Seriously, tell your friends, and more importantly, if you know any bloggers or media types, let them know. I can even hook them up with a free download if that dollar is gonna hurt too much.

So yes, as I said in this week’s comic announcing the official launch, now you can create your very own hipster! Thanks so much to Nick Deyring and Ben Bartholomew (he developed it, that’s why there’s a link to his site [which is actually a link to my site since we can’t change his name unless I want to pay to register for a new license or something like that]) for making this happen.