Crawling Along

You know, when people read comics like this one, they might get the wrong idea and think I don’t love having a baby around the house. Hey, it’s great, it really is. It’s just funnier to talk about the hard parts. And nobody wants to hear some lame ass dad spout parenting clichés. Really though, it’s pretty awesome. You should try it sometime, but only if you’re really ready and have a steady income and a spouse you really get along with.

Speaking of crawling, here’s something funny. My mini me started crawling a bit earlier than the other kids. So when we went to a little parent party and he did his thing, all the other parents were so impressed. Now, of course there’s that part of you that, as a parent, gets excited when your kid does something “first.” But, like I told the other parents: “Hey, your kid has the rest of his or her life to be mobile, and those first few years are going to be spent ruining things in your home. Be happy that you have a few extra weeks where you can relax and just sit the little one down on the floor and take care of stuff around the house, because once they are moving, it’s all over. If there is something breakable that isn’t on higher ground, they will break it. If there is a place you haven’t managed to clean, they will lick it. They cannot be stopped. So enjoy it now!” Well, I didn’t tell them all that, but you get the picture.

2 responses to “Crawling Along

  1. If standing up is the End Times, wait until he starts driving.That’s going to be the obliteration of the universe.

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