The Pros and Cons of Legal Marijuana

Well, the election is over, and I thought I would celebrate with a comic that has nothing to do with it! Actually, this comic is the result of several efforts to legalize medical marijuana, or just plain pot in general, in states like Colorado and Washington. Definitely a more fun subject than politics—as long as you don’t go into the whole drug war not working thing. Basically, making fun of jam bands = funny. Dude in Montana going to jail for 80 years for growing weed for cancer patients = not funny.

2 responses to “The Pros and Cons of Legal Marijuana

  1. One good thing about legalizing recreational pot is that it would do away with the ridiculous charade of storefront clinics providing instant scripts for “medical” marijuana. I have nothing against people smoking pot for fun, but that kind of system-gaming annoys me because it promotes disrespect for the law in general. Plus it trivializes the very real problems of people who do smoke to relieve pain.

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