Election 2012: Party of Fie

Yay! It’s almost over! Soon I can stop doing comics like this one, about how awful the Republicans have become and how they’re a threat to our future because they care more about power than about helping the country and are just a tool of big business and right wing extremists and they don’t believe in science.

So yes, vote for Obama, especially if you live in a swing state. If you live in a state like NY though, you could probably vote for a third party guy like Gary Johnson and it would only serve to help him reach the 5% he needs to get federal funding or something like that. I’m not a Libertarian, and sometimes I think Libertarians are either incredibly naive or just trying to justify greed. HOWEVER, I like what I’ve heard from Johnson. He has a great line: “I’m more liberal than Obama and more conservative than Romney.” Very interesting. He’s anti war, anti war on drugs, and he’s the first Libertarian I’ve heard actually say the government should protect the environment. So yeah, check him out.

But if you’re in a swing state, vote for Obama because Romney would be another Bush Jr…. same sketchy Rove types secretly running things, same sort of embarrassing guffaws that make the rest of the world laugh at us, same sort of policies that further the gap between rich and poor. Oh and also, the Republican Party steals elections and tries to prevent people from voting. Just on that basis alone, you should vote them out of office. Etc etc etc… Fie.

One response to “Election 2012: Party of Fie

  1. If Romney wins, I don’t see how he can possibly govern. He’s made so many promises, to so many people, so many of which are self-contradictory. His only hope is that people will forget everything he said during the campaign.

    Come to think of it, that’s been his strategy during his entire political career: Say whatever you have to today, and hope people don’t remember what you said yesterday.

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