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The People In Your Office – Part 2

Well, there’s a hurricane wreaking havoc on the east coast, and the miserable election cycle is in a fever pitch, so I figured this would be a good time for a silly distraction of a comic about office worker stereotypes.

This is the sequel Part 1, which I drew four years ago. This sort of strip is fun to draw. They’re actually inspired by some of Matt Groening’s Life Is Hell cartoons, which were hugely influential on me in my youth. Or my yoots.

The Baby Boobie Cycle

This has got to be the least sexy comic about boobs ever. Although I bet somehow, someone gets turned on by this. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Really though, I was explaining some of this to a single friend of mine recently, and he was in shock. He imagined it as being the most frustrating thing ever—giant perfect boobs that are mostly not for the touching. But, you know, babies change everything in that arena, at least in the earlier stages. So it’s not quite that bad. But it is kind of annoying to see this little person come along and steal your boobs away.

By the way, I would also like to say that in the grand scheme of things, us men can’t really complain about anything related to pregnancy and babies, since we pretty much do nothing the entire time. Just wanted to put that out there before some angry mom flames me.

Oh wait — one more thing. Yes, I hate stick figures in comics. So why stick figures in this one? Well, for one, I think it can be argued that these are not stick figures. But regardless, I wanted to draw a comic about boobs that was PC enough for most people to be able to read it wherever they are. I also wanted to rid the comic of the added element of sex that pops up whenever a boob is drawn in even the slightest realistic manner. So tahdah: stick figures with boobs. Good times.

A Message To The President

You probably didn’t read this comic, because you’re not President Obama. So I’ll just fill you in on it: I basically told the president that he needs to whoop Mitt Romney’s lying ass tomorrow night, at least just for my sake. I mean, this race was easy for so long—a cakewalk. Nothing to worry about. Then Obama pulls out that stinker of a debate and opens the door for one of the worst and most desperate Republican candidates in the last few decades.

Really, I just don’t want to waste brain cells worrying about this debate. I’d rather use them worrying about little things in my personal life, or giant things like global warming and the end of civilization (and the bee holocaust).

And in case you’re wondering, I do find it hard to vote for Obama for numerous reasons. But I often wonder, how many of the things I don’t stem from his personal beliefs and style of government, and how many of them are due to how absolutely fucked the system has become. Either way, I have seriously considered voting for Gary Johnson—even though I kinda think that most Libertarians are naive enough to believe in unicorns and fairies—if only as a protest vote, since I live in New York and my vote doesn’t count because of the awfully stupid electoral college. But enough ranting. Hopefully 25 hours from now I will be drinking a beer out of celebration, not to dull the pain.

*Update – 10/17 – I don’t want to take all the credit, but clearly the president read my comic this week.

NY Comic Con Superheroes Speak Out on Politics

This week’s comic was pretty fun to think up and draw. You know, the election season is in full swing, but with all the constant coverage, it’s hard to say anything that hasn’t been said, especially with a weekly comic. Basically, if something doesn’t happen the same day I draw and publish Dustinland, it’s already been talked about and parodied a million times on everything from The Daily Show to the plain ol people on the Interwebs. But how can you not talk about it right now? Well, here’s my answer.

I wanted to do something that ties into the NY Comic Con anyway, so this is perfect. I went to Comic Con for the first time last year (I used to go to similar stuff when I was a kid but it’s not fair to call those Comic Cons since it was just dudes in a room selling comics—not 10,000 people dressed up like Sailor Moon) and my mind was blown. Sadly I am not going this year but at least I can chip in with this strip. I actually wanted to make it longer, and if you look in between the frames, you can see some extra ideas.

Got any superhero/politics combo ideas? Throw em out there—I’d love to hear it!

The World’s Smallest Countries

This is a weird Dustinland comic, I know. It kinda came out of nowhere. But a while back, I was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and I kept seeing this little countries walk into the stadium, with maybe three or four athletes. That inspired me to look around online and then I started reading about all these weird little places and one thing led to another and here’s this comic. I hope you like it. If not, I’ll just have to move to Dustinland—population: 1.