Big Baby

I just love the idea of a baby as an adult, which is what this week’s comic is all about. Babies just do so much weird stuff. In fact, pretty much everything they do is weird if you put it in the context of an adult. I mean, if you looked over at your coworker and they had their entire fist in their mouth, that would be weird. Well, depending on your job, I guess. For 99.9% of people, that would be weird. Basically, if you don’t work in a sex dungeon, you don’t see people sucking on fists very often. Seeā€”this is what I mean about babies. You start talking about the stuff they do and you somehow end up talking about ball gags. That’s awesome.

2 responses to “Big Baby

  1. Yes, and even worse is when people their annoying stink bags (kids) are cute with the crap they do. If they could only see how antisocial, creepy, and downright gross their kids are. You seem to have the ability to objectively see your own s-bag. Nice.

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