Monthly Archives: September 2012

Big Baby

I just love the idea of a baby as an adult, which is what this week’s comic is all about. Babies just do so much weird stuff. In fact, pretty much everything they do is weird if you put it in the context of an adult. I mean, if you looked over at your coworker and they had their entire fist in their mouth, that would be weird. Well, depending on your job, I guess. For 99.9% of people, that would be weird. Basically, if you don’t work in a sex dungeon, you don’t see people sucking on fists very often. See—this is what I mean about babies. You start talking about the stuff they do and you somehow end up talking about ball gags. That’s awesome.

Four More Years/Jeers

This week’s Dustinland comic is just some fun times with no meaning. I got the idea when Obama went to some college campus and promised to buy some kid a beer, and the crowd started chanting “Four more beers!” Which I thought was pretty smart and funny. So there you have it. If I had more room I was going to all draw four more deers and steers. I also was almost able to work four more queers into the final panel—I was going to draw a gay dude sitting in the strip club, bored, looking at his watch. Jokes. Good times.

Introducing a new official video for Bonnie Prince Billy

Here’s some fun news — I created an official music video for Bonnie Prince Billy aka Will Oldham! Big thanks to my collaborators, writer, hustler and huge weirdo Mike Ayers, and animator extraordinaire Nick Deyring. It’s a bit ghetto but the story is awesome.

The video launched on Poetry Foundation (Will is a poet, if you didn’t know it) has been picked up by Pitchfork as well as Stereogum, The Guardian, Fuse, Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim, Prefix, The Awl, Consequence of Sound and Rolling Stone… Russia. Good times. Enjoy:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Time To Be Clear” from Drag City on Vimeo.

Words For My Son

Yeah, I know, another comic about kids. But I don’t care. I write comic about what inspires me, and right now, this is it. Well, not IT, but a lot of it. I mean, it is pretty great. Not that everyone should have kids. It’s not for everyone. But if you do have kids, and you do it right, it’s pretty great. Of course, it does go against everything a pessimist like me believes in. And that’s what this week’s strip is about. Balancing fears of doom with hope for the future.

Tummy Time

In case you don’t get this week’s very New Yorkery comic, tummy time is when you take a baby and put them face down on the floor. Doctors tell you to do this so they can build up their neck muscles (and probably a bunch of other reasons). I thought it would be funny if I went in for a check up only to learn that I, a grown man, need more tummy time.

Yup, explaining the joke. Good times.