Financial Douche Baggery

I think I covered this subject pretty well in my comic. It was heavily inspired by Griftopia by Matt Taibbi, which should be mandatory reading for everyone in this country. As for the research, yes, the dudes in the comic were real people. All friends of mine from childhood. There were actually four of them (the circle head guy is a combination of two dudes) and according to them, their positions can be described as: investing/asset management, back office functions, commodities trader, equities trader. So in case any haters wanna hate, no I did not make any of this stuff up—including the news clippings.

But yeah, basically, this is a big problem. We have a small percent of the population sucking up the money from everyone else, and the worst part is not that the government is mostly complicit—it’s that it’s all so complicated, most people will never understand what’s happening, so instead we run around yelling about gay marriage.

5 responses to “Financial Douche Baggery

  1. In case anyone is interested . . . “Griftopia” is available in “Kindle” format . . . Wish it COULD BE made manatory reading . . . but then, I guess, we wouldn’t be livin’ in the good ol’ USA!

  2. Oh, you have no IDEA how true the very end of your comic is, about all the bullies and douchebags you knew in school going on to Wall Street.

    I went to a very prestigious East Coast prep school that was crawling with those arrogant little fucks. The very first time I took a shower in my dorm, one of them stole my keys. Just for shits and giggles, I Googled that guy shortly after 9/11 and came up with a picture of him walking on the street during 9/11, talking on a cell phone while dodging debris, making sure that his credit-default swaps or whatever it is were taken care of. If only a steel beam had fallen on his head.

    • Sad that no one cares about this comic. Or this issue. “Too many words – TLDR.” I’m sure that was the reaction of a good percentage of people who looked at this week’s Dustinland. Oh well, that won’t stop me from trying.

      • ^ There IS an audience for Too Many Words, just so you know… And i for one definitely cared about this comic. I coincidentally watched the documentary “Inside Job” right before i found it, so the timing was Rather Good. I feel like another aspect to the out-of-control-financial-sector problem is the general sort of macho culture that’s so pervasive in North America particularly, and the whole inability-to-acknowledge-mistakes thing that ties in with that. It all starts with psychology, anyway, which is why i thought this comic was so great.

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