The Next Phase

Yup, another parenthood comic. I think this is my favorite one yet. Mostly the fifth panel, where I’m just standing there with my wife and kid, stuffing my face full of cupcakes on a Friday night while young chickies walk by blabbing and checking their phones. Just that drawing alone could have been the entire comic. The girls are young and excited, all dressed up to go out, probably to some awful crowded place with shitty music where they’ll get hit on by an endless array of douche bags and bro dudes. But they’ll have a great time! And even if they don’t, they’ll pretend to. Or at worst they’ll just get tanked. Meanwhile, us slightly older folks have been there, done that. We’re onto the next part of life, where an exciting night is Netflix and dessert (this really goes for married life even without kids). And we’re fine with that. We accept it. We even enjoy it. Because while we may not have the potential for ZOMG crazy stories for life, we also don’t have the potential for a really shitty time surrounded by way to many awful people. And we have cookies.

So yeah, the cycle goes on. It’s just crazy getting to the next phase and looking back at people who are so pumped to be doing what I did, ultimately not too long ago.


3 responses to “The Next Phase

  1. This comic reminds me of that episode of Family Guy where Brian has a human kid and he is all like “unless you have kids, you just don’t know.” And the guys were like “Hey Brian,what if your kid fell out of a window.” And he just goes into hysterics. It’s hilarious. Weird how you think you know the motivations for people going out at night, not everyone goes out to drink get try to get laid – that’s presumptuous and more of a guy reason. Some people just like to get dressed up and go out. Example: even though they might have to scrape the shit out of another person’s ass crack and wipe down a taint multiple times a day, many people don’t let that consume their life. They retain their own identity and keep enjoying life. “Look at those happy people people who doesn’t smell like vinegar, they’re just less evolved than me! Yea, that’s it.”

    • Dude, when you see two 23 year old chicks covered in make up, going into Manhattan for the night, if you don’t think they’re out to meet dudes and be fabulous, you’re out of your mind. I mean, this isn’t rocket science here. The main reason young people go out to crowded bars and clubs is to meet people of the opposite sex. Yes, there is also hanging out with friends. But come on, why else do people try to look good when they go out?

      Come on, this is silly. I remember back in the day a female friend of mine got mad at me for suggesting she only went out to meet dudes. “I go out to have fun with my friends!” Then as soon as she found a boyfriend she went from going out multiple times a week to going out once every six months.

      No one is saying this is bad and that any part of life is worse or better than any other. Stop being so defensive. Life changes. What’s fun one day may be intolerable the next, and what’s boring may suddenly become the highlight of your week.

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