Monthly Archives: August 2012

Again! Again! Again!

Yup. Another comic about babies. I’m kinda dizzy right now for some unknown reason so I’ll just leave it at that. High five. 

Election Year Kids’ Shows

It’s pretty hard to have anything new to add to the overwhelming election coverage media blitz that goes on every four years, so here’s a fun distraction—mostly.

My wife thinks Pro Abba Abba is a bit of a stretch but I like it. Abo Abo just doesn’t sound right. I also really wanted to do Swiftboat Willie but that was a movie, not a cartoon.

Science fucking loves me

A Facebook group called “I fucking love science” recently posted the Dustinland comic about selective reasoning, and it has been making the rounds online, with more than 10,000 likes and 5,000 shares as of this post. Which is great because I think this is a really important issue. The constant attack on science—it has been going on for centuries. Just watch Carl Sagan’s famous Cosmos series. That aired in 1980 and more than 30 years later it seems like science is still being assaulted by people who just don’t want to believe things that don’t fit into their own personal dream of how the world should be.

Financial Douche Baggery

I think I covered this subject pretty well in my comic. It was heavily inspired by Griftopia by Matt Taibbi, which should be mandatory reading for everyone in this country. As for the research, yes, the dudes in the comic were real people. All friends of mine from childhood. There were actually four of them (the circle head guy is a combination of two dudes) and according to them, their positions can be described as: investing/asset management, back office functions, commodities trader, equities trader. So in case any haters wanna hate, no I did not make any of this stuff up—including the news clippings.

But yeah, basically, this is a big problem. We have a small percent of the population sucking up the money from everyone else, and the worst part is not that the government is mostly complicit—it’s that it’s all so complicated, most people will never understand what’s happening, so instead we run around yelling about gay marriage.

The Next Phase

Yup, another parenthood comic. I think this is my favorite one yet. Mostly the fifth panel, where I’m just standing there with my wife and kid, stuffing my face full of cupcakes on a Friday night while young chickies walk by blabbing and checking their phones. Just that drawing alone could have been the entire comic. The girls are young and excited, all dressed up to go out, probably to some awful crowded place with shitty music where they’ll get hit on by an endless array of douche bags and bro dudes. But they’ll have a great time! And even if they don’t, they’ll pretend to. Or at worst they’ll just get tanked. Meanwhile, us slightly older folks have been there, done that. We’re onto the next part of life, where an exciting night is Netflix and dessert (this really goes for married life even without kids). And we’re fine with that. We accept it. We even enjoy it. Because while we may not have the potential for ZOMG crazy stories for life, we also don’t have the potential for a really shitty time surrounded by way to many awful people. And we have cookies.

So yeah, the cycle goes on. It’s just crazy getting to the next phase and looking back at people who are so pumped to be doing what I did, ultimately not too long ago.