Colorful Music

This week’s comic is a total music nerd post. 79 bands, all with colors in their names. I’m sure I missed out on plenty, and if this strip gets any momentum online I’m sure I will find out exactly which ones. By the way, I hope the art isn’t too small. I like to get down and dirty and draw little tiny things and then I realize nobody can see them, but hey, whatever. It’s interesting. Back in the day little details and complicated drawings were cool. Now online, it’s all about simplicity.

But anyway, music. Bands. Colors. How many can you find without looking at the answers?


4 responses to “Colorful Music

  1. Bitter Scribe

    I never heard of three-quarters of these bands. Way to make me feel like an old fart. I think I’ll listen to some Beethoven and swallow some Geritol now.

    (But great interactive concept here.)

    • Don’t worry – I haven’t heard of a lot of them either. I am just good at research. I mean, I have heard of at least half I think but still… I am a music nerd.

  2. Ha! I not only FEEL like an old fart . . . I AM one . . . gonna celebrate EIGHTY-ONE years tomorrow . . . But Ha Ha! I have heard of the Black Eyed Peas! Even so, I think I’ll go to the Sun City Fitness Center and pedal to my good ol’ ABBA tunes!

    • Happy almost bday Nana Rose!!!! Have fun tomorrow! And good luck blowing out all those candles 🙂

      And people, do you see the apron in her profile photo? Now that is a good Dustinland/Birdy fan for you!

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