We The People

Now, if you look at the last panel of this week’s comic, you can easily say, well, we’re already there. And that is definitely true to a degree. However, there are still many, many rights corporate America would love to do away with in the name of profit. After all, what is a corporate but a profit making machine? That is its job. To provide an infinitely increasing return on investment for shareholders. Why would a corporation care about something like child labor laws or the minimum wage if it stands in the way of the bottom line. And that’s ultimately the difference between what the current conservative argument has become.

Notice I don’t frame this comic between Republicans and Democrats. I only refer to conservatives. That’s because Democrats are not liberals. Republicans are outright brutal conservatives, who have somehow convinced the poorest Americans to fight for the rights of the wealthy. Meanwhile, because of our crappy electoral system, Democrats are also beholden to the  very same wealthy interests—otherwise they wouldn’t have the funds to run election campaigns. So basically we have right, and right light. At least we used to have Dennis Kucinich. Now there’s not even that.

Well I could go on and on forever, but basically, you know we’re fucked when half the country believes dinosaurs and man lived at the same time and gets outraged over the idea of a poor person not having to pay for visiting the hospital. Good times. The future is looking fantastic.

5 responses to “We The People

  1. Wow dude your mind is frighteningly warped.

  2. Bitter Scribe

    Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.

    –Ambrose Bierce

  3. Thank Goodness there’s at least ONE frighteningly warped mind left SOMEwhere in this frighteningly warped, conservative world of ours!

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