Biryd, Ad Man

So, Birdy is an ad man now.

Why? Mainly because it’s fun. Also, Birdy, as a strip, breaks the rules. So there really is no limit to what I can do with him. Now, he’s not “in” this strip, but he is in spirit. For while his character is not visually there, all the ads are written in his spirit. Or better, let’s just say: Birdy wrote all these ads.

Why Tumblr? Well, to be honest, I figured there would be a bigger chance of this strip catching on if it lived on its own site and had its own identity, albeit one connected to Birdy. But now there’s a site that’s about stupid shitty fake ads written by an asshole. There’s a theme. If these comics lived on Dustinland—and at some point they may, depending on how things go—there’s a high likelihood that they’d get lost in the shuffle between my two comics and their many hundreds of individual strips. Aside from the Tumblr thing being part of an attempt at creating something popular on the Internet, I also work in the ad industry, and people have been telling me to do an advertising strip for years now. I figured this would be a nice way of doing that without creating something that reminded me too much of the daily grind or required me to find smart ways to make fun of real people and situations without having them lynch me.

Uh… what else…  Who? Birdy. What? Ads/comics. Where? Here. When? Three times a week, I think. We’ll see. That should cover it.

Good times.


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