American Dad

This week’s comic pretty much says it all. Some nations give women a year off of work, fully supported financially. Here, women are lucky if they get a week or two. And men, forget about it. Of course I know I have a nice life and nice job, and I’m living better than most people do. But we’re not talking about something that’s going to make or break your life or something that’s worth quitting your job over. We’re talking about a quality of life issue that shows what we value most in this country. And clearly it’s corporate profits.

*Edit: Compare the US to other countries around the world. It’s really embarrassing.


6 responses to “American Dad

  1. Bitter Scribe

    When one of the Fox News blondies got back on the air after having a baby, she busted the balls of some schmuck who tried to argue against paid maternal leave.

    This didn’t just go against the general attitude of Fox News; it went against some specific utterances this particular lady had made in her pre-mothering days. Jon Stewart had a ball slicing and dicing this on “The Daily Show.”

  2. The new Birdie is awesome!

  3. Hey Drunstin, you do more Birdie. Very Funny!

  4. Can I have a day off, I just started a new hobby. I got a new pet, need time to housebreak it. You can pick up my work while I’m out of the office.

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