Why We’re Screwed

Just to summarize this week’s comic, it’s really easy for politicians—in any nation— to tell people what they want to hear. And what do people want to hear? Not that they’re wrong or they need to change the way they live or make sacrifices. People want to hear that they’re great, that they don’t have to change a thing, and that it’s easy as pie to make things good again. If a politician is forced to acknowledge there are some problems going on, it’s also easy to blame them on someone else, any kind of minority or foreign source that doesn’t have enough voting power for it to matter if they get pissed off.

Of course the Republicans tend to go down this route a lot more than the Democrats do these days—hence the red square guy. But the Democrats aren’t exactly innocent themselves. They do plenty of telling people what they want to hear. So the circle head guy is green, not blue. He’s not really liberal or conservative. He’s just honest, telling it like it is. And most of the time, the truth hurts. That’s why nobody is listening, and why the future is probably going to suck in many ways.

4 responses to “Why We’re Screwed

  1. Ronald Reagan was a master at this. “Morning in America.” “Shining City on a Hill.”

    You ever see The Fool on a classic Tarot deck? He’s looking up, feeling the sun on his face, never dreaming that he’s about to step off a cliff. Sometimes I think that’s America.

  2. The Fool. That’s pretty dead on. And sadly it’s not just the U.S. I think it’s a big part of human nature.

  3. totally reminds me of people who think they can breed like crazy and keep everything how they like it. Here’s a story that really grinds my gears – some NYU professors are opposed to NYU expanding its campus to serve the exploding human population. I but these same professors have children, and want their spawn to get a college education, just not at the expense of changing their own neighborhoods. Their attitude is “let some other jerk have a college wreck their town to provide classrooms, I’ll breed like a fucking rabbit but don’t build in my backyard.” If the population keeps exploding, building will have to increase, and if you have a kid, it should be in your back yard, otherwise you’re a fucking hypocrite.

    • Sounds a little like the NIMBY thing: Not In My Backyard. You know, like the people who think wind energy is great but then protest offshore windmills near their homes because it ruins the view.

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