Observations of a New Dad

Yeah this one pretty much speaks for itself.

1. I’m bony and not fun to lie on, especially if you only weigh 7 pounds.

2. Sometimes a fart can cure a grumpy baby and it’s pretty awesome when it does because it’s funny and because there’s no more crying.

3. Boobs. I see a lot of em. Also dicks. Well, just one. Not counting my own. You know, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to the diaper thing. Poop. Whatever. And by that I mean diapers on the baby. Diapers on me would be harder to get used to. I think.

4. Baby stuff = sturdy because America = law suits. In this case that’s a good thing.

5. Nursery water. I mean, really? I never would have guessed. I thought water was water. How about a Brita filter. Is that good enough?

6. Yeah. I’m that guy. And it feels kinda good most of the time. At least I don’t live in Park Slope.

2 responses to “Observations of a New Dad

  1. Yeah, what is it with Park Slope? I’ve never set foot in Brooklyn, but that place seems to have become synonymous with “fussy urban hipster.”

    • It’s like a cross between hipsters and yuppies. It’s not the part of BK where young kids are slumming it out of college. You generally need some money to live in Park Slope proper, hence the stroller armies near the park on a nice day. There’s definitely a major Portlandia thing going on there. I must admit though, it is a pretty nice neighborhood. The park is awesome and the buildings are beautiful.

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